Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why start a blog?

Well here it is. The first post on my new blog. I kicked around a few ideas for a topic, but decided to address the idea behind the inception.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I enjoy keeping up with my friends, real and not so real, and I like to post some of the things that go on in this house each day. It works like a scrapbook for me. I’ve tried scrapbooking. I stink. My tendency to procrastinate combined with my lack of organization meant that instead of neat, fun books chronicling our lives, I had piles of paper, jumbles of photos, and I could never find the scissors anyway, so it was pointless. But Facebook allowed me to record the moments shortly after they happened, and I loved being able to look back and laugh, or not, over them. Soon people started telling me that I should write a book about the stuff my kids do and say. Well, writing a book would be a little like scrapbooking. I’d need to work toward an end, a point at which the project would be finished. I’m not good at that. I’m good at right now. So after two years of saying maybe I’d start a blog, I decided to issue myself a public challenge. In late November 2011 I declared for all the (Facebook) world to hear, that I was starting a blog on January 1, 2012. I invited any of my FB friends to do the same, and suggested that we all link to each other’s blogs. That would give each of us a bit of an instant audience, and maybe provide some encouragement.

So here it is. That first post. Perhaps you’re thinking, “That wasn’t funny at all.” and you don’t plan to come back. I hope you’ll give me another chance over the next week or so. My youngest child, Bekah, is sure to say something funny during that time, and I promise to record it here for posterity.

If you have just started a blog, or revived an old, neglected blog, and you’d like to link up here, be my guest. I would ask that you peruse the other links and comment or link as you feel led (inside joke). Most of the blogs linked here will be new, and their authors would like the traffic.

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  1. Love your blog, it's so YOU! I look forward to more stories about your brilliant children. Happy 2012!