Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Night Retro

Tonight's retro came about in a strange way.  I was driving Joshua to meet his Boy Scout troop for camp, and I had my XM radio set to the 70's on 7.  I'm pretty knowledgeable about 70's music, particularly anything that enjoyed some popularity.  In high school in the 80's I used to fill the time by making lists of my 100 favorite bands or songs, and ranking them.  Other than the heavy metal, most were from the 70's.  So imagine my surprise when a song started that I had never heard, and it was good!  It caught my attention immediately with the music, and I glanced at the radio to see what it was.  It said the band was "Osmonds".  Well, my thought was, "Oh, I didn't know there were two bands called Osmonds."  Then the vocals started, and I was rocking along with it, really enjoying it, and wondering about this "other" Osmonds band.  Then I heard him.  Donny.  Unmistakable.  I was floored!  This was an Osmonds I had never encountered.

Listen to that and tell me it's not better than you expected.

I was 8 years old in 1976, when Donny and Marie had a hit with "Deep Purple".  In my neighborhood you were either a Donny Osmond girl or a Shaun Cassidy girl.  (some older girls were David Cassidy girls, but we thought they were weird.  now i know they were the smart ones.)  I really only knew "The Osmonds" as Donny, Marie, and a bit later, Jimmy.  The only song I knew that included the older brothers was this.

But the bulk of my Osmonds experience was more like this.

Yeah, not quite the same.

So there's your retro for this week.  Have a little fun and poke around the web for old Osmonds songs.  Who knows what you'll find.

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