Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I'm late on this post, but at least I didn't talk myself out of doing it!  Mild illness and a heavy schedule has really got me dragging.

My brother lives about an hour away, and he came down on Wednesday to hit some flea markets and let me cook him a birthday lunch.  We didn't buy a lot, but it was fun.  Rebekah used her own money to by this crocheted doll dress for $1.75.

(eta: again my lack of focus is showing.  i didn't even see bekah's cardboard playhouse in the background until i looked at the finished post.  i don't have the energy to retake the shot, and my photo editing software is behaving badly, so you get a glimpse of the playhouse, which normally lives behind the couch, hidden from view)

On Saturday, as I was driving Rachel and Joshua to their shooting sports practice at 8 am, we passed a sign for a benefit sale for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Zowie.  If there is one thing I love more than a yard sale it's veterans!  It hurt to pass that one by.  After I got the kids settled in I realized I needed to go to the post office, so of course I had to run back by that sale.  And two others.  All three were for charity, so I think it was fine.

The owl is painted on the back of the glass.  That piece is already in my Etsy shop.  Speaking of my Etsy shop, I had my first sale this weekend, and an inquiry about shipping another item to the Netherlands.  Yippee.  Ok, back to the finds.  On the far right in that picture is this.

This is the milk glass juicing attachment for an old stand mixer.  Complete with chrome spout. I have an old stand mixer, but I don't have the juicer.  Well, I didn't have the juicer.  The lady taking money at the church sale didn't know what it was, but I filled her in.

The cute painting is also from that church sale, and it is an actual painting.

I don't know where it's going, but it was too pretty to pass up (especially for .75!)

Also from that sale, I got these vintage clip on earrings.

Rachel and I sort of collect vintage clip ons.  (i have had so much trouble with picture rotating themselves at random in this post, that i'm not even going to mess with that one)

I'm linking up with Me and My Shadow for Magpie Monday, Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.  Go check out the goodies.


  1. What an awesome find -- love that little picture with the umbrellas! I can't pass up a charity sale, either.

  2. Ah, you have snapped up some serious bargains!

    These are all so lovely, the owl picture especially.

    I had a night mare with my post last night too- it is so frustrating having to go in to battle with technology :)

  3. I LOVE that painting - totally sums up our weather here at the moment.

    Let me know if you list it for sale, I really do love it.

    Thanks for linking up x