Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I thought I wouldn't have much to post this week because I was out of town at a kids' shooting competition Thursday through Saturday, but I managed to squeeze in a few goodies.  In addition, I had a few things from last week that I had not posted.  The result is not a thrifting megapost, but I think it will do.

At a yard sale this week I got these.

Moss rose.  I love moss rose, and have had trouble getting mine to return each year.  I hope these from a very old, established bed will do better.  Do you find it odd that I would find plants at a yard sale?  It's quite common around here.  Earlier in the spring I got several lovely hostas, and a week ago I was in a thrift store and they had a couple of bags of these for $1.

Hen and chicks.  I got so many of these for $1 that Rachel used some to make potted plants for Mother's Day.  (that went very well, btw, and i will post about it later in the week)  I love these little guys.  I ordered seeds for some mixed variety and mixed colors last year, but nothing ever came up.  It was a bad year for plants in Arkansas last year.  We had 100 year flooding in the spring, followed by a summer of record 100+ days.  Ick.

Ok, back to the finds.

Most of this odd assortment came from the yard sale where I got the moss rose.  The exception is the lovely orange Old Navy sweater for Rachel.  There are several little glass bottles with Rx on the top, some Happy Meal toys from the 1990's, a Fisher Price Little People wagon, and a funky little gold and red poodle pin cushion/thimble.  Here's a better shot of that.

A weird, quirky little piece.  I might let Rachel keep it (she's my sewing buddy), or I might put it in my Etsy shop, along with some of the toys.

At the same yard sale I got this great box purse.

Again, it might end up in the Esty shop.

Here are a few finds from last week that I saved because A) I thought I'd have next to nothing to share, and B) I was too lazy to photograph them last week.

Isn't that cloth calendar from 1975 great?!  I might keep that.  The vintage Santa book is actually a thrifting buy from a few weeks ago, but it was on a shelf with this other stuff.  The illustrations are very cute.  The other two items are a glass baby bottle, and an old ink bottle.  Both might just be donated, but the ink bottle was very cute, and might end up on Etsy, and the baby bottle was in a box of stuff I bought for $1 because it contained an air vent diffuser that I needed (not interesting enough to post here).  Here's a close up of the calendar.

Yeah, that's cute.

I'm linking up with Me and My Shadow for Magpie Monday and Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds.  (if ATG returns, i'll link there.  anyone know if she's coming back?)

ETA: I just discovered Hey What's for Dinner Mom? and The Penny Worthy Project, so I'm linking up there, too.


  1. Top O' The Morning! HAHA!! I love that. Good stuff.

  2. Love that sweet little pin cushion. The fabric calendar is cute too - sadly a year too late for me ;0)

  3. The Top O' The Morning Rooster bag reminds me of my mom. I love it!