Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Well, there was some thrifting and some yard saling this week.  In addition, I keep coming across small things that I've thrifted in the recent past, but not blogged about, and I'm including some of those.  Let's start with books.

There are some books for our immediate use, like the Andrew Jackson biography, and some for our collections, like the fish identification book, and some vintage books.  I do love vintage books.

I have a soft spot for Eloise Wilkin books.  When my children were babies and toddlers, My Goodnight Book and My Good Morning Book were two of our favorites.  The illustrations are so sweet!  The old cave book is for Joshua, who is a cave enthusiast.  Last is that awesome cover art on Peril on Mars by Patrick Moore.  How charming is that??

It seems logical to follow books with books with 45 rpm records.  I got all of these at a local thrift store about two weeks ago.

Aren't they sweet?  They will probably all end up in my Etsy store soon.  If I come across an old kid's record player maybe I'll change my mind.

And finally, this mix of items from garage sales.

A few more books, an old box of rubber bands (try to find a rubber band in my house when you need one.  i dare you.), some craft "spouncers", and these cuties.

Some cute kitty cat buttons, and a pair of vintage clip on earrings.  Rachel and I collect these.

I will be linking up with Me and My Shadow for Magpie Monday and Her Library Adventures for Flea Market Finds.  Go see what goodies were found this week.

ETA: Oh look, Apron Thrift Girl is back!  Let's go join her for Thrift Share Monday.  And for you TSM folks, be sure to click the Thrift Share Monday label below to see my finds from the past few weeks.


  1. Clip-ons are always a good find - they have so many potential uses. I like putting them on my jacket through a buttonhole as a brooch.

  2. Really loving the cat buttons. I have to ask, what is a 'spouncer'? x

  3. I had that fish book when I was a little girl!!

    I've just started picking up Eloise Wilkin books, my kids had a few that I've since brought out once again, I guess I'm buying them for future grandchildren, whenever that might be!! But, they are very hard to find around these parts!!

  4. Lizzie, a spouncer is a round sponge on the end of a dowel. You apply paint with it using a pouncing (or bouncing?) motion. (sponge+pounce =spounce)

    Jill, we have many of the books in that set, including birds, insects, bats, trees, stars, and butterflies, so I was thrilled to find the fish. We spend a lot of time in the woods and on the water, and they are a good size to tote around.

  5. I'm a big fan of Eloise Wilkin's illustrations, too. Such sweet pictures.

  6. A treasure trove of books you found there!