Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Books That Matter

I'm starting a new feature here called Books That Matter.  Every six weeks or so, I will feature a different book that matters, and I will spend the next six weeks reading it and discussing it with anyone who is interested.  I hope that many of you will read the books, too, so you can join in the discussion.  I've asked a few learned friends to add their two cents when the time comes.  Who gets to decide which books matter?  Well, on this blog, I do.  I do welcome suggestions, though.

The idea behind this feature is that there are certain books that nearly everyone should read at least once.  Some of these are great literature, some are non-fiction that really hits the mark, some are politically important, etc.  Some will be books whose premise I strongly refute, but I recognize that they are important none the less.

The reason for allotting such a long time, six weeks or so, to read them is because they will all have many layers which need to be explored.  Even the ones that are "easy to read" will have a lot of depth.  I hope to get a lot of input from all of you.

For more information on the Books That Matter feature, click the link in the right sidebar.


  1. I requested the 1st book from the library but am #2 on the list. Who knew C.S. Lewis was so popular??

  2. How great that he is! The book is only a bit over 100 pages, so you can do the actual reading quickly. The rereading, thinking, discussing, cross referencing takes a bit longer ;)