Thursday, February 23, 2012

Turquoise Tableau

I love my turquoise dishes and kitchen ware.  Don't they make you smile?   I gathered some of my favorite pieces for this shot.

In the center, front and back, is of course Pyrex.  I have two round casserole dishes and the butter dish in the Butterprint pattern.  (i realized after i posted the pic, that you can't actually see the pattern on the larger casserole, because the butter dish is blocking it.  my photography skills are lacking.)  This pattern came in white on turquoise, like the two casserole dishes, and turquoise on white, like the butter dish.  There should be a turquoise on white casserole in between the other two sizes, but alas, it was missing from the thrift store shelf.  I grabbed these two minutes after they hit the shelf, and I explained to the volunteer that there was likely a third piece, in the opposite colors, somewhere in the donation pile.  She was not sympathetic to my needs, and did not go to check.  Pity.  These were both missing their lids, but there was one to fit the smaller size in the random lid box.  Each dish was less than $3.  I know!  The butter dish was a Christmas gift from my dear brother.  The sweet baking dish on top is also a gift from my brother.  It is in the Snowflake pattern.  I know where to find a casserole dish in that pattern locally, but it's a bit more than I'd like to pay.  Pyrex has several other lovely turquoise patterns, such as Balloons and Eyes.

Flanking the casserole dishes are my amazing footed mugs.  They have a retro rooster design.  I got three of them at a little flea market in a tiny town.  Alas, one was broken within a week.  That's how it goes when you actually use your vintage dishes, as I do.  I don't know who made these, but I suspect they are Federal Glass.  If anyone knows, please share in the comments.

Front left is one of my favorite coffee mugs.  My sweet Rachel gave me that for Christmas, and I love to use it.  Again, no markings, but this one has a Fireking feel.  Rounding out the photo is a cute little clear glass apothecary/snack jar with a pretty turquoise pattern.  This has a matching orange jar, and they stack.  I assume there was once a lid, and possibly other jars, but I've never found anything about them online.  Again, if you know, please share.

This is not all of my turquoise, but I'll do another post with items that fall more into the blue category, as well as my Federal Glass snack/luncheon sets that have some turquoise.

Next up:  PINK!

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