Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Night Retro

It's that time again already?  Wow, this has been a quick week.  We've all had head colds, and I'm still suffering a bit, so I'm extra ready for some downtime.  I think I'll go a different route tonight.  Instead of some of my favorites, how about some reminders of yesteryear that might be a little less classic, but still fun.  Remember this one?

And this...

Don't pretend those never made you cry.

And how many of you had these?

Puffy stickers.  When I was in about 5th grade, 1979ish, the girls in my class collected them.  We put them in photo albums, stuck to the pages.  I only had about two pages worth, but some girls had dozens.  I don't think we traded them, since they were already stuck.  I think we just showed them off to each other.

Share a favorite memory from elementary school in the comments.

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