Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thrifty Finds

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In addition to a few thrift stops this week, I was able to go to an actual yard sale!  Yea!!!  I love yard sales with a deep and burning love.  You simply can't beat them for bargain pricing.  My mom and I like to go out together, and two of my three kids love to tag along.

First for my thrift finds this week.  I hit the little charity thrift shop up the hill from my house.  It is only open a few hours a week, so I don't get in there very often.  When I do go, I rarely walk out empty handed.  This week I found quite a few great books for the kids, and a special little treat.

The puzzle book is for the kids, but Bekah will probably claim it.  She has a weird and fascinating ability with puzzles, but that a subject for another post.  Do you see the little treasure in front?

That's a darling teapot for loose tea, and it was just .75.  Husband and I went to Taiwan last year, and we were gifted with several tins of loose tea.  This should be perfect!  It's in new condition, and does not appear to have been used.

Later in the day Mom and Joshua and I stopped at a yard sale.   It was late, after 3:00, but the seller was preparing to move, so she was still selling.  I got this...

How cute are those shirts!  They were $1 each.  The green Linus is for me, and the other two are for Rachel.  In addition to another book, I got a half bag of potting soil for .50.  That's what I love about yard sales.  It's time to start our vegetable and flower seedlings here in Arkansas, and I would have been purchasing a bag of potting soil within the next week.

How do you thrift?  Do you go looking for a specific item, or do you let the items find you?


  1. I let the items find me, usually, but I do tend to have a "short" list of things I'm always looking for.

  2. Those T Shirts are amazing! I love them!

    Great finds. x

  3. Love the yellow tea mug. I am anxious for spring to arrive and all of the rummage/yard sales to start. How lucky you were to find one.

  4. Fab tea pot! That style of tea pot is very expensive new.

    Lovely t-shirts too.

  5. That teapot is neat! I haven't seen anything quite like it.
    I guess sometimes I have specific things in mind that I'm looking for, but usually I let things find me.