Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrifty Finds

Today's title is a bit of a misnomer.  I have a new camera, which I think I'm going to love, but I used the new 4gb stick that came with it, and my computer doesn't want to play nice with it.  Husband, king of all things computer related, will be home tomorrow, so I'll wait and let him work with it.  In the mean time, this seemed like a good opportunity to share some thrift store items that I did NOT buy.  These are things that I saw that either intrigued or amused me, but were not purchased for various reasons.  I take pics like this with my phone, since I don't usually take my camera into stores (i might need to change that policy), so I was able to email them to myself.  Here we go.

This first pic is of something so gorgeous and simultaneously so awful, that I almost brought it home.

That's right.  Those are aqua blue plastic coasters with excessive plastic lace trim!  They look like Tupperware.  I'm not gonna lie, these babies almost came home with me.

Next we have a pair of lovely finds that I had to pass up for two reasons: 1) they were huge, 2) my house is a 105 year old folk Victorian, and most of my mid-century treasures are in the kitchen.  Nevertheless, they were a find for someone.

I assume those came out of the same home.  They were on the floor at our local Salvation Army at the same time.  Ponder for a moment what else was probably in that home.  The mind reels.

And lastly, a pretty little serving dish that almost went into my cart, but it was not a pattern or color I collect, and in an effort to have room for my family to move about in our home I am trying to limit myself to true midcentury items in pinks and turquoises, or with atomic patterns.

Can anyone identify this pattern for me?  I haven't tried to put a name on it yet.  Someone out there is shrieking, "IT WAS A DOLLAR AND SEVENTY FIVE CENTS!  IS SHE CRAZY??"  Maybe.

So is there anything here that you would have taken home with you?

That's it for today.  I'm linking up to Thrift Share Monday with Apron Thrift Girl and Magpie Monday with Me and My Shadow.


  1. HAHAHA! I take pictures all the time. Me and Rocky saw a velvet tapestry of the last supper the other day at Goodwill, marked down to $5....we didn't buy it. We're now simultaneously dealing with grief.

    Unless there's someone else out there like me, it might still be there. lol

  2. LOL.

    How did you restrain yourself??!

  3. I kind of like your strategy of taking photos and releasing your prey. It allows you to capture the image but keeps your house from looking like mine...filled to the gills. I think you might be on to something that I might have to copy.