Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Night Retro

Ahhhhh, it's been a beautiful day  here in northwest Arkansas, and Joshua and I got a lot of yard work done.  C'mon Spring!  We're ready for you.

Tonight I can add a little physical exhaustion to my normal Saturday night mental exhaustion.  Definitely time to mellow.  How about this...

And this...

A little different than the usual Saturday Night Retro.  Be sure and come back next week for a fun look at the road from cool rocker chick to "are you kidding me??" TV role.  Any guesses?

I'll leave you with a game from my youth that was middle of the road for fun, but had the best name EVER!

That's right folks, I'm bringing Gnip Gnop into play here.  What other blog will give you that?  (be sure to click the pic to watch the commercial)


  1. I ---LOVE--- your music choices!!!

  2. I didn't remember the name, Gnip Gnop, but I remember playing it as a child. Thanks for including the commercial.

  3. Thanks, Wendy. You'll find an eclectic mix in my SNR posts.

    Carla, how can you forget the name? Backwards it is... ;)