Friday, March 9, 2012

Leap Day Party!

My kids and I hosted a Leap Day Party for some of our friends.  It was so much fun!  Because we all homeschool, we were able to have the party in the early afternoon.  We have a large fenced backyard, and the kids spent an hour or so playing while the moms relaxed.

Rachel and I had a number of activities planned, such as bubbles and an RC car racetrack, but since it was 70+ degrees in February, the warm sunshine was all anyone needed.  I think fun was had by all.

There  were snacks, including frog cupcakes by Rachel.

We had questionnaires printed for the kids to fill out.  These were things like how tall are you, what's your favorite movie, etc.  The plan is to put them in a time capsule (really just a box at our house) along with a group picture from today, and in four years when we have the next party we can compare.

A couple of the families stayed later, and the oldest girls cooked dinner for all of us, then the boys and younger girls cleaned up.  I think everyone who came had a good time

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