Friday, March 9, 2012

Valentines Week

This post is way overdue, but since this blog serves as a scrapbook for myself and my family, I want to get this up.

The week of Valentines Day is usually somewhat crazy for us.  Husband does a big Valentines production after the kids go to bed on the 13th.  He decorates and puts out gifts for them.  That means someone needs to be ready with the camera when they come downstairs on the 14th.  Then Bekah's birthday is the 15th, so there is a friend party and a family party somewhere in there.  Our homeschool group does a Valentines party with cards, food, and ice skating.  And finally, Husband's birthday is the 18th.  Shwew.  A busy week.

This year was a bit backwards, because Husband was out of town all week, so he waited until the 19th to do his thing.

There are little gifts hidden under the balloons.  The kids really look forward to this every year, and I love having someone else in charge of a holiday occasionally.

Valentines Day itself was uneventful.  Rachel was doing all of the planning and cooking for Bekah's party, so that took much of the day.  She planned a Victorian tea party.  Here is Rebekah with her guests.

And your hostess for this afternoon's tea is the lovely Miss Rachel.

The decorations included some tea sets that Husband and I received in Turkey and Taiwan.

Joshua agreed to serve as butler.  A few of the girls really liked that idea.  I think they have what it takes to be royalty.

 Rachel took care of the food and the cake.  We used some of my vintage snack sets.  Note the Federal Glass sets with the pink and turquoise, and the Anchor Hocking sets with the bubble edges.  Rachel did a fantastic job on the cake!  She made homemade marshmallow fondant.

Our homeschool group includes several dozen families, and each year we have a Valentines Day party.  The kids decorate boxes or bags, and everyone brings Valentines to put in them.  We have snacks and games, then we all go ice skating.  My kids love this.

And these are the Valentines my kids gave out this year.  They turned out really cute!

So that was our week.

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